Your Donations Support Our GOTV Efforts!

Georgia WAND’s We Count! program is expanding!! We have a robust Get Out the Vote plan, and we need your help! We are actively contacting voters in 10 Georgia counties, and we plan to mail 113,000 households and make 57,000 phone calls.  

Will you donate today $15, $120, $500, or more for our GOTV campaign? We need your help to ensure a critical mass of front-line community members build power for self-determination.

Our GOTV efforts include education, particularly for women of color, about the Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC regulates construction of Plant Vogtle units 3 and 4, toward which under-resourced Atlanta public schools have paid millions. The PSC oversees energy rate changes and Georgia’s renewable energy portfolio. It is critical voters learn about the PSC election.

Georgia WAND is building power in front-line communities. Civic engagement as a critical tool to advance environmental and economic justice.

$15​ pays for one canvasser for one hour of GOTV work.
$60​ pays for one canvasser making 120 calls.
$120 ​ pays for postage and printing for 200 mailings.
$500​ pays for canvassers having 68 conversations with voters at their front doors.
$1,000​ pays for 8,000 phone calls.
$2,500 ​pays for We Count! Coordination and canvasser support.

We need your help! Please donate today!

To learn more about locations and specific efforts of our GOTV program, please contact Lindsay Harper, at