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Why we’re Rising for Justice!


obrOn V-Day, February 14, over one billion people around the world will Rise for Justice in a global call to women survivors of violence and those who love them to gather safely in community outside places where they are entitled to justice. One Billion Rising for Justice is about rising for all survivors of gender-based violence and building a movement to end all violence.

Georgia WAND is helping lead local efforts to Rise for Justice because violence against all people, animals and the planet itself, is a pandemic. The use of force is systemic. It’s too big for any one organization or group to address alone.

Violence is not contained to what happens between individuals in a relationship. It spans a wide gamut, from individual acts to state-sanctioned systemic violence, from the household to the streets, from intimate partners to entire armies. Violence manifests itself in ways that don’t always show on the surface.

Georgia WAND is Rising to demand justice, not just for survivors of gender violence, but for people affected by all forms of violence.We start with women because women withstand the worst of our violent societies.

We’re rising for justice with women who don’t have access to health care because not only are the majority of people living under the poverty line women, many states like our own have refused to expand Medicaid.

We’re rising for justice with women in the area surrounding nuclear Plant Vogtle and the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons facility, who not only have been disenfranchised and dispossessed of their land in the building and expansion of the plants, but are more susceptible to contamination from nuclear radiation, as are their children.

We’re rising for justice with women who have been killed or lost family to drone strikes, and those who suffer under the extremist regimes and US occupations.

We’re rising for justice with black mothers who live in fear for their black sons lives, whether taken by the state, a gang, or an angry, racist, xenophobic person with entitlement and a gun.

But justice can take even more forms than force. As stated by the One Billion Rising for Justice movement and beyond, it can be anything from an apology to a systemic-level reparations system.  It can be taking legal action or making making the truth visible.

It can be prosecuting, or pushing to create change, or implementing policies and laws that ensure the protection of human and environmental rights. It can be calling for an end to all forms of inequality, discrimination, misogyny, heterosexism and patriarchy.

It can be naming or shaming perpetrators – whether they be individuals, groups, corporations or the state. It could be a path of restorative justice, considered by Common Justice. It can be demanding accountability. It can be Rising for Justice and taking this theme to fit your own situation and knowing you are supported, be it personal, racial, social, economic, cultural, environmental, political, or beyond.

For Georgia WAND, its revolutionary call to restore dignity and respect for all women and all people.

Join us on February 14, and beyond. Let’s rise together for justice.




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