Mission, Vision and Values


Georgia WAND Education Fund’s mission is to educate the public and opinion leaders about the need to reduce violence and militarism in society, and redirect excessive military spending to unmet human and environmental needs.


Georgia WAND envisions a world without militarism or systemic violence, with just, healthy, secure, and sustainable communities, and in which Georgia is a leader in regional, national, and global movements. We are an independent, community-driven, grassroots, woman-led organization that seeks to develop local leaders to speak on their own behalf.


  • We value leadership and input from communities that we partner with and serve, so that our solutions, messaging, and approach are rooted in, and reflective of, people most directly affected by the issues we address.
  • We value insights from power analyses and recognize the ways in which historical and contemporary systems of privilege, exclusion, dominance, and abuse (based on gender, race, citizenship status, etc.) and the intersectional nature of these systems, shape our work.
  • We value partnerships and collaborations that are mutually empowering; that allow us to achieve our Goals and Objectives; and that recognize and actively address root causes that are common to all of our issues.
  • We value the perspectives of all people engaged in our work, and we hold up the intergenerational, cross-geographic, interfaith, and multiracial nature of our constituency.
  • We value art in all forms as a mechanism for political, educational, and cultural transformation.
  • We value sustainability and work-life balance in order to promote the heath and well being of our staff, to lessen organizational stress, and to increase overall productivity.
  • We value and learn from our own organizational history and those whose shoulders, lives, sacrifices, and contributions we build from today.
  • We value peace, justice, dignity, and equity for all people and strive to live out these values in all aspects of our work.

In addition to our own set of values, we also adhere to the Jemez Principles (created at a meeting hosted by Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (SNEEJ), Jemez, New Mexico, Dec. 1996).