About Us

Georgia WAND Education Fund, Inc. is an independent, grassroots, women-led organization that organizes front-line communities, especially people of color, women, and youth, to establish long-term solutions for social justice.

Two Main Problems We Address

In rural, southern communities like Burke County, GA, there is lack of resources to help identify problems and connections between radiological environmental contamination and public health so that people have the quantitative data to supplement their lived experiences so they can better advocate for the safety and quality of life of their communities.

Communities lack resources to help people advocate for themselves and their communities in order to (a) address inadequate political representation, (b) overhaul inequitable decision making processes, (c) overcome white supremacy, and (d) transform a culture that over-invests in violence and war into one of peace and sustainability.

Programmatic Goals

1. To mitigate, reduce or reverse nuclear and environmental harms in Georgia communities.

2. To build economic, political and cultural power in frontline communities.


We are located in Georgia’s political epicenter, Atlanta, which has the largest concentration of progressive activists and voters in the southeast. We have staff members across the state in Burke County, Georgia, home to nuclear power Plant Vogtle and downwind and downstream from Savannah River Site nuclear weapons complex located across the Savannah River in Aiken, SC.