Welcome To the Team, Lindsay Harper!

5a334e2e-0111-4f65-8abf-629bbca94d77We are overjoyed to announce that Georgia WAND has brought on a new member to our Atlanta crew. Lindsay Harper, MBA, MCA, assumed the role of Program and Communications Manager on Nov 1, 2016. Lindsay is an electrifying talent and is going to help take Georgia WAND to the next level with a focus on student activism, grassroots organizing, branding, and turning up our communications.

Lindsay is a native of Atlanta, GA, and a second-generation graduate of Howard University. She holds degrees from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and Georgia State University/the Paris-Sorbonne University (dual). Lindsay will be leveraging her talents in radio, production, and public relations to further Georgia WAND’s mission. She’s worked with In the Public Eye, Inc, WVEE V-103 in Atlanta, and Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters and been nominated for an Emmy®.
Lindsay has been serving on the Georgia WAND board of directors since 2014, helping shape our three-year strategic plan and supporting specific pieces of our work. This year, she designed two voter pledge cards for the WeCount! program, each containing civic engagement information as well as critical voter education about issues identified in the community. For example, voters in Atlanta’s NPU-V (Neighborhood Planning Unit V) received a postcard with a graphic comparison of how much federal funding goes to the military versus housing, education, and the environment. Thousands of similar voter education postcards were sent to communities across the state. Lindsay is deeply committed to the intersections of environmental health, racial justice, and peace and she uses her talents in service of the planet. And in 2013, she launched her flagship global initiative, the GreenGoingForward platform.

In addition to GreenGoingForward, Lindsay has worked for several years to implement sustainability projects and programs that generate positive images of communities of color and empower the global community through education. She finds that there is a need to engage diverse communities through new media, small business collaborations, and nonprofit volunteering. One of the most successful outcomes of her leadership was a Go 4 Green Sustainability Tour held at Atlanta Metropolitan State College in 2014, (at which Becky Rafter spoke on behalf of Georgia WAND). Lindsay believes that economic empowerment through business education and community development is the strongest weapon to promote peace and combat the systematic damage war causes all of us. You can get in touch with Lindsay after 11/14 at lindsay@georgiawand.org.

The Georgia WAND family welcomes you Lindsay! So excited you’ve joined the staff!