Welcome Leila Zainab to the Georgia WAND team

Join us in welcoming Leila Zainab to our team!  Leila is a queer Muslim South Asian-American scholar and activist. Leila has worked at the intersections of reproductive justice, racial justice, and gender equity. She has spent the majority of her career serving and advocating on the frontline of various movements: implementing programs to counteract youth health disparities, designing curriculum for women’s empowerment, and facilitating dialogue on strategies to end sexual violence. Leila is a member of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.

 At Georgia WAND, Leila is most excited to work toward organizational/non-profit development because it is an avenue to enact opportunity creation for marginalized people who deserve to be centered in the movement for social justice. It is an path to redefine agency, equity, and power. She is excited to be the new addition to the Georgia WAND team, an organization that recognizes the importance of incorporating an anti-racist, intersectional model to combat environmental degradation.
In her spare time, Leila enjoys performing in theatrical productions and spending time with her two cats, Loki and Lily.
Leila is serving as a fundraising consultant at Georgia WAND. Send her a welcome email at leila@georgiawand.org.