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Welcome home Quencina Gardner

Georgia WAND welcomes home member Quencina Gardner, who just returned from delivering critical supplies to 40 women in Liberia.  When Quencina first visited Liberia over a year ago, she saw the devastating effects of the civil war that ravaged the country from 1989 to 2003.  She realized that women were suffering from lack of basic necessities and, without these tools, they were unable to financially support themselves. To address this need, Quencina started “Delivering a Nation,” a project that raises money to provide Liberian women with farming boots and gloves, essential tools for their success.

As many of you know, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf became president of Liberia in 2003, thus becoming Africa’s first female president.  We have invited Johnson-Sirleaf to speak at the 2010 Mother’s Day for Peace event for the same reason that we have so enthusiastically supported Quencina: the self-determination of Liberian women serves as a model for all women across the world. We are constantly astounded by their courage to eradicate poverty and violence.

The following photos were taken on Quencina's recent trip to Liberia:

Quencina's original letter to Georgia WAND:

Dear Georgia WAND,

I am Quencina, a Senior and Honor Student at the State University of West Georgia with the focus of the Empowerment and Advancement of Women. It is quality timing when we can make a connection with our inner Vision to an outward movement such as Georgia WAND; Women's Action for New Directions. In order to maximize on my vision particularly for Liberia, West Africa I would need the backing of an organization who consider Action in New Directions with the unwavering focus of the Empowerment and Advancement of Women.....

My Vision, Delivering a Nation, begins in Liberia, West Africa.  During my time spent in Liberia, I met an organization of women who were displaced by the fourteen year civil war who united to empower each other through sustainable living farming.

In order to accomplish their valued goals, they are in need of basic necessities including farming boots and gloves. Please see my youtube video which shows these women and their needs - http://www.youtube.com/user/quencina. At this time, I need the backing of Georgia WAND  and I ask for your consideration to support my efforts for the women of Liberia.....

For more information about Delivering a Nation, click here.

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