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Webinar: Pull the Plutonium Pork — End MOX

On Monday, June 24, WAND and Georgia WAND hosted "Pull the Plutonium Pork - End MOX," a webinar discussing the Mixed Oxide (MOX) Plutonium Fuel Program - an over-budget, delayed nuclear weapons program that is costly, dangerous, and on the verge of collapse. Tom Clements, Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for Friends of the EarthKatherine Fuchs, Program Director of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, and Amanda Hill-Attkisson, Managing Director of Georgia WAND presented on the history of the MOX program, the environmental and societal costs associated with the program, and possible solutions to reallocate funds toward more effective nonproliferation alternatives.

Watch the video of the webinar below and download the slides here

Pull the Plutonium Pork – End MOX” is part of WAND’s Nuclear Budget Webinar Series looking at specific nuclear weapons programs in particular need of Congressional budget cutting scrutiny.  Last month we started with: "Is it time to boot the B61 nuclear bomb?".


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