#VoteWithJustice Phase One: Candidate Survey

Georgia WAND and over 30 other community, labor, faith, and youth organizations that make up the Atlanta Jobs with Justice coalition have finalized Phase One of the Community and Candidates Convening: a candidate survey. This survey includes questions on 13 issues for the Mayoral candidates and 13 different questions on the same 13 issues for the Board of Elections candidates.  As a coalition we will compile the survey results and share them widely.

Phase Two of #VoteWithJustice is will be the Community and Candidates Convening, which has now been moved from its original date of Saturday, October 21, 2017 to occur on a TBD date to be held as a part of a run-off, which will likely happen.

What’s unique about our survey is that it includes a section for candidates to share a 2-page policy initiative looking at the intersections of the issues and including multiple levels of government, so reaching laterally to include a cross-politics approach.

We hope candidates will demonstrate their commitment to solving real issues that Atlanta’s residents, workers, businesses, students, immigrants, families, and others face.
Stay tuned for the survey results!
For more information, please contact Lindsay Harper lindsay@georgiawand.org.