Vogtle Update and Next Steps

The Georgia WAND squad, supporters and coalition members, such as Grandmothers for Peace, made a great showing as Public Witnesses in last week’s PSC hearing on Vogtle’s expansion. Also in attendance were the four partners’ CEOs (Georgia Power, MEAG, Oglethorpe, and City of Dalton).

Georgia WAND introduced our suggestions for the PSC to support

local plant workers who will be displaced after construction is completed and others who will be displaced if and when the Commissioners decide to pull the plug on this public health and ratepayer nightmare. In a speech, Becky Rafter reminded the commissioners that a healthy state economy depends on healthy local economies; and to have an entire county dependent on one toxic energy source is not good for the business of the state.
Instead of investing our CWIP fees and federal taxes in bailing out Vogtle’s new construction, we discussed our interest in resources going toward renewable energy and ensuring quality, well-paid jobs, job training, relocation, robust severance packages, school and childcare subsidization, and other support for plant workers.

The 17th semi-annual Vogtle Construction Monitoring Report hearing continues December 11-14, 2017.

Georgia WAND will in attendance and we ask our members to contact the PSC members. Stay tuned for more talking points and direction! Thank you for your support! We are getting down to the line. Here is some press on the hearing: http://www.myajc.com/business/kempner-ceo-georgia-powerhouse-skips-the-whole-apology-thing/uglO9AjRcBkm6XGPiBhTcI/
For more information, contact Becky Rafter at becky@georgiawand.org.
(We were excited to see Plant Vogtle workers representing at the PSC hearing on November 6. Many want their Vogtle jobs; some because of a dearth of safer, healthier job options)