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UPDATE: Senate Foreign Relations Committee START Vote


On August 3, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair, Senator John Kerry, announced that the markup of the resolution for New START would be rescheduled from Wednesday, August 4 to September 15 or 16.

This means that Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson, a member of that committee, will not vote on New START until after the August recess, which begins Friday, August 6 (the 65th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima). The Senate will return to DC on the 13th or 14th of September.

This delay allows more time for Georgians to weigh-in on the merits of New START with BOTH Georgia senators. Please make the most of  this time to compose your own letter to Senator Isakson encouraging him to ratify New START.  Please remind him that, as of August 3, our country has gone 241 days without an agreement with Russia, which means we have NO on-site monitoring or verification presence in Russia. This is a major national and inter-national security issue.

Senator Chambliss will eventually vote on New START when it hits the Senate floor for a full vote. Sixty-seven (67) votes - a two-third's majority - are needed to ratify the treaty. Letters, calls, and faxes to Senator Chambliss' office are also encouraged - at any time.  Senator Chambliss is a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Profuse thanks to all of you who have diligently called or written to your Senators.  We must continue to speak out in support of this treaty and to reach a wider audience.

To that end, please promote the Landmark Midtown Arts Cinema screening of Countdown to Zero, a chilling reminder of the current nuclear weapons threat the world faces. Georgia WAND has purchased tickets for all who are interested. If you want to see this film (for free), email Nichole Arnault (nichole@wand.org) for the 7:15pm screening on August 5.

Thanks to the Ploughshares Fund for their continued support of our work that makes this film screening possible.

-Bobbie Paul
Executive Director

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