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404 Glen Iris Drive, the home of Eloise Pitman, recently deceased. Eloise's family, still in mourning, could be evicted any time

At 404 Glen Iris Drive in Atlanta, Georgia lives the Pittman family, and they have lived here since 1953. In 2006, having owned the house for years, elderly Mrs. Eloise Pittman took out a $312,000 loan against the home - a predatory loan for over three times the true value of the house. By mid-2010, Mrs. Pittman - a retired senior living on fixed income - couldn't pay the high interest rates. The bank should have never offered her this loan knowing she wouldn't be able to pay it back. However, this past November Chase Bank foreclosed on the Pittman family home.

Mrs. Pittman passed away in November, and now her surviving family must survive Chase Bank's assault on the only home they have known since 1953.

Chase Bank is threatening to take the home unless the family buys it back from the bank at current market value. Or, Chase Bank told the family to accept $2,500 cash for keys and move out, losing their home for a pittance.

These options are unacceptable.

Regardless of the predatory nature of the loan, the Pittman family shouldn't have to pay for the bank's irresponsible lending. No one should be kicked out of their home because a bank set them up to fail. Housing is a human right, and evictions and homelessness are crimes against humanity.

So for over 60 days, supporters of the Pittman family have occupied their home at 404 Glen Iris Drive. Through our physical presence we have stalled the foreclosure process, which would next require the serving of a dispossessory warrant. Beyond defending the home, supporters marched to a Chase Bank on Friday January 27th and shut it down. We will continue to take offensive action against Chase Bank until the Pittman family gets their home back at no cost. This is their home. We plan on keeping it that way.

There is only one demand from the surviving Pittman family and their supporters:

Chase Bank stole the Pittman family home and must give back the deed now!

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All this action takes is the commitment to send a few messages, the commitment of a few minutes of your time. That commitment could help keep two families in their homes for the winter and send a message to the big banks that we will not let them make Americans pay the price for their irresponsible practices. We are the 99%, and we out number bank executives.

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