Women. Power. Peace.

Ten Years Too Long

Stand for Peace began on August 29, 2002 at the corner of 14th and Peachtree Streets in Atlanta, with hopes of influencing then U.S. Senator Zell Miller to vote against possible U.S. attacks on the people of Iraq.

Ten years later, the Iraq war is over, but the U.S. still continues the war effort in Afghanistan, and we marked a decade of diligently Standing for Peace.

Joined by peace mongers Congressman John Lewis, the Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery and Mrs. Evelyn Lowery, we marked a decade of working toward peace and renewed our commitment to the cause.

We support freedom and democracy as set forth in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights that has been under siege since the passing of the USA Patriot Act.

We support an engaged and informed citizenry and an environment in which all peoplea re encouraged to participate in rigorous debate.

We support increased investment in human needs such as health and education.

We reject torture of any kind.

We support insuring that our planet and the human societies on it can continue to develop without destroying our physical environment. Environmental sustainability should take precedence to corporate welfare programs.

We cannot save the world for our children by destroying others' children. War and the continuous preparation for war are destructive of family life in every nation of the world, including ours.

We support theĀ  continued development and use of the United Nations and international law, as well as other peaceful means of international cooperation.

We encourage the use of non-violent methods for resolving conflicts. Preventative or pre-emptive war is neither logical nor moral, and may lead us on a path of unending violent global chaos.


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