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Tell Governor Deal that you stand against Stand Your Ground!

Following the Trayvon Martin case, Georgians are taking action against the state’s "shoot first," "stand your ground" law. No citizen should be profiled and shot while their perpetrator is allowed to go unpunished due to such a law with unclear applications and loopholes. Therefore, we call upon you to repeal Georgia's "stand your ground" law.

Sign the petition to let Governor Deal know you stand against Stand Your Ground!

Senator Vincent Fort has drafted legislation to repeal this law, and we call upon you to support and pass the repeal of "stand your ground" in the state of Georgia!

Georgia WAND joined community organizations calling for a repeal of Stand Your Ground at a press conference and rally this week. Executive Director Becky Rafter called  for not only a repeal of Stand Your Ground but also that we push against ALEC and the extremists who horde power and feed off of people's fear, racism, and greed. Here’s more from Becky on why this issue is important to Georgia WAND and to people in the South:

Georgia WAND works to end militarism, in particular from the nuclear weapons industrial complex and drones, and the criminalization of people throughout Georgia, the South, the US and the world - especially black,brown and indigenous peoples. We fight for environmental justice for communities living downwind and downstream from nuclear power Plant Vogtle and the Savannah River Site, mainly in Burke County, Georgia and  those affected by the nuclear industrial complex - which ultimately affects all of us, and disproportionately women and children. We also build the political empowerment of women and educate around pentagon spending and develop leaders who can take a stand for justice, peace and the redirecting of our federal dollars toward unmet human and social needs.

The day the George Zimmerman verdict came down, Georgia WAND got on the phone with a national network of white anti-racist activists and worked around the clock to help put together a tool kit for white allies to use to respond to the verdict, to the killing of Trayvon, and to further racial justice activism and dialogue. We also put out a statement to our membership and on our website about stepping up our work and being more explicit about the roles that race and racism play in the issues we address.

The people behind the Stand Your Ground law are form the group ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a right-wing extremist think tank; and in addition to policies like Stand Your Ground, ALEC is responsible for drafting tons of other legislative models that are being rolled out all across the south and beyond. Simultaneous to the Stand  Your Ground legislation, ALEC is supporting policies that protect the country's worst industrial polluters and energy giants. They were also key in supporting and planning the Citizens United hustle and subsequent Supreme Court decision. ALEC members support the privatization of elections, schools, social security, prisons, public goods and so much more. Corporatization and personhood are ALEC's modus operandi; so it is no surprise that they've also craftedanti-immigrant legislation. In fact, Georgia plays right along with ALEC. Our largest privately-owned immigrant detention center has the highest average daily population in the country. This is not a coincidence

As you can see, Stand Your Ground is part of a larger strategic package of public policies that aim at controlling the common man for the benefit of capital interests. Therefore we must demand not only a repeal of Stand Your Ground but also we must push against ALEC and the extremists who horde power and feed off of everyday people's fears, explicit and inherent racist tendancies, and greed. This is especially apparent in the South.

At least half of all the states that have Stand Your Ground laws are in the South. And only one or two states in the South don't have Stand Your Ground laws (NC and VA); ALL the deep south states have Stand Your Ground. What else does the South have? The south alsohas the lowest high school graduation rates, the highest rates of poverty, the dirties tenergy, and its political representation is misaligned in many counties, such that the best interests of the majority is not reflected in public policies. Given that information, communities of color, women, immigrants and the elderly in the South have a weaker political voice than in other regions. The South is home for the majority of the US's Black communities. So how is it that roughly about 10% of all congressional members from the south are Black? And no governors are Black? to say nothing of a dearth of female representation.  

 So what does it mean that ALEC is using the South as its laboratory? And that the South is the only region in the country where the political will and mis-representation of power that allows for ALEC's agenda to be successful? ALEC would be nothing without the South. But the peoples whose interests are ultimately being fed by ALEC's legislative successes are not even in the South -- they are shareholders of powerful corporations, elite legislators and religious leaders, most of whom are not in the South.

Locating Stand Your Ground laws as part of a larger effort to maintain power at the top echelon of society is important because these laws maintain the status quo and keep power out of the hands of everyday people - especially people with lower incomes, women, rural voters, people of color, and undocumented immigrants. 

According to some experts, Stand Your Ground laws don't even work: their studies show that Stand Your Ground laws have led to an increase of 600 homicides over a five year period and have increased crime rates across a 21-state sample. Violence is a means of social control; and similar to how Stop and Frisk, 287(g) and other state-sponsored programs target black and brown men, Stand Your Ground laws are trickled down state-sanctioned violence. Stand Your Ground is codified vigilantism.

What killed Trayvon Martin in Florida this summer, and what continues plaguing black and brown people in America, is deep-seated racism and state-reinforced xenophobia. Our country needs a culture shift; and for this reason, Georgia WAND is proud to stand in solidarity as a member of a broad coalition to repeal Georgia's Stand Your Ground law.



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