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The AP reports that The Obama administration is weighing options for sharp new cuts to the U.S. nuclear force, including a reduction of up to 80 percent in the number of deployed weapons.

This could be his most important opportunity to dramatically reduce the number and the role of U.S. nuclear weapons. But, the opponents of arms control are leaking things about this process to the press, and calling any reductions 'unilateral disarmament,' accusing the president of putting us at risk of nuclear annihilation. We need to show that this is not that case, and that there is broad support for these kinds of changes in our nuclear strategy.

The administration will release their new guidelines in the coming weeks so NOW is the time to weigh in!

Please join Georgia WAND, WAND and dozens of other organizations around the country are coming together to seize this opportunity to push the President to make the right choices to move us closer to a nuclear weapons free world.

Sign the petition today!

Our goal is to collect 50,000 petition signatures by March 31st to show widespread American support for further dramatic steps that would make us all safer from the threat of nuclear weapons. So far, we have about 25,000 names.

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