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TAKE ACTION NOW Against Senate Bill 469

Georgia Senate Bill 469 (SB469), introduced on February 23, attempts to strip Georgia citizens of the right to peacefully protest by setting penalties of $1,000 a day for individuals, and $10,000 a day for organizations participating in "mass picketing"

Call the representatives who sponsored this bill today and tell them that this is unacceptable legislation!

Don Balfour (R-9th)- (404) 656-0095
Bill Hamrick (R-30th)- (404) 656-0036
Bill Cowsert (R-46th)- (404) 463-1383
Ross Tolleson (R-20th)- (404) 656-0081*

*Tolleson is also the Senator sitting on the bill dubbed the "Georgia Solar Freedom Act” which would give solar companies in the State of Georgia a fighting chance.

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