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Georgia WAND Brokers Three Year Environmental Monitoring and Outreach Program in East Georgia

  Dear Georgia WAND Community, We are excited to share that we’ve accomplished an important milestone. Georgia WAND has successfully negotiated a three-year monitoring and community outreach program, created in partnership with the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology Lab to be funded by the Department of Energy / Savannah River Site. The Georgia Radionuclide […]

Quick Points on the EPA’s New Clean Power Plan

On June 2nd President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a historic plan to cut carbon pollution and stop the worst effects of climate disruption. The Clean Power Plan is our nation’s first major action to cut dangerous carbon pollution, 30% by 2030. The rule will help improve public health and spur a […]

Dr. Helen Caldicott Events!

Dr. Helen Caldicott is coming to Atlanta! Now’s the time to hear this world-renowned physician, pediatrician, author, radio host and brilliant and outspoken proponent for nuclear disarmament weigh in on issues like nuclear weapons and modern war, women, nuclear power, and the Fukushima fallout–what it means for the heath of those living in Japan, especially […]

Emilia Kaiser: Is the PSC Listening?

I recently spoke in front of the Public Service Commission (PSC), for the first time in my life, in favor of implementing a “risk sharing mechanism” for the two new nuclear reactors that Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, is trying to build at nuclear power plant Vogtle. I felt very small standing there […]

Amanda Hill-Attkisson: Nuclear Reactors Are Susceptible to Climate Disruption…..and Jellyfish

Los Alamos Nuclear Weapon Complex is on fire in New Mexico, the Ft. Calhoun and Cooper Station nuclear power stations in Nebraska are underwater, Fukushima Daichi plant nuclear meltdown – earthshaken beyond repair in Japan – what is it going to take for the nuclear industry to admit that nuclear reactors for weapons or commercial […]

Courtney Hanson: If the Lord’s Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise

There’s a saying here in the south (everything will be okay if) “If the Lord’s willin’ and the creek don’t rise.” As an ex-pat from the Nebraska, this was a new phrase for me. The only flooding we ever had to worry about was from underground sprinkler systems gone awry as they desperately worked to […]

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