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Support the troops, not nukes

The U.S. is projected to spend more than $600 billion over the next decade on nuclear weapons and programs suited for Cold War scenarios that are no longer plausible. Meanwhile, our troops in the field lack for basic protective equipment needed to defeat realistic, 21st century threats faced today.

As Congress struggles with the deficit, we — as responsible citizens — have a duty to insist on reductions to wasteful spending that is overly driven by politicians and lobbyists, instead of long-term 21st century defense strategies. We need to meet the needs of our dedicated troops and veterans who have protected us.

I support the troops, but not the nukes. I urge you to write or call your representatives and senators to tell them to reduce spending on nuclear weapons.


This letter to the editor by Georgia WAND member, Bob Farquhar, was printed in the Atlanta Journal Constitution December 4, 2012

Robert B. Farquhar is a retired Air Force master sergeant who served the United States for over twenty-four years. During his service he studied the effects of nuclear warfare and was trained as a fallout shelter manager. He an anti-nuclear activist in Georgia and a prolific writer, with many op-eds published and his book "Duck and Cover" is in the publishing process now. Bob lives in Bonaire with his partner, Beth.

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