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US Nuclear Weapons Policy – Say No!

Complex Transformation is the 'new design' for the US nuclear weapons complex - this $500 Billion plan makes facility and stockpile reductions contingent upon new costly factories and new "H" bomb designs.

Update: Complex Transformation

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted comments!!

Comments received on the draft SPEIS (some still being counted, but here are the best numbers available so far):

1. "Campaign" email comments - 90,000
2. Individual (unique) emails - 977
3. "Campaign" postcards/letters - 8,326
4. "Petition" signatures/comments - 15,000 - 20,000
5. Oral testimony at hearings - 625
6. Written comments handed in at hearings - 98
7. Mailed in (unique) comment letters - 214

TOTAL = between 115,240 and 120,240 !!!

Let's keep it up. Let your voice be heard! You are powerful!

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