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Standing in Solidarity with activists for Peace and Justice

Ernesto “Che” Guevara said, ‘the true revolutionary is guided by a feeling of great love'. On 28 July 2012, peace activists Sister Megan Rice, Michael Walli, and Greg Boertje-Obed echoed Guevara's sentiments through the means that each activist must strive to do throughout their lifetime - put their political philosophy into practice.

transform-now-threeThey peacefully engaged the U.S. Military and Nuclear Industrial Complex with a measure of fortitude that many tout, but only few actually exercise. With the intent to take symbolic action against the mere existence of nuclear facilities built to exemplify our country's commitment to pronouncing, maintaining, and expanding its military nuclear warfare capability these individuals proceeded uninhibited through maximum security Oak Ridge Y-12 Nuclear Facility in Oak Ridge, TN only to be confronted once they reached the core of the newly built half-billion dollar Highly-Enriched Uranium Manufacturing Facility (HEUMF).

Georgia WAND proudly stands in solidarity with the Transform Now Plowshares (TNP) activists along with other organizations or individuals concerning themselves with the business of protesting against injustices and dismantling systems of intersecting oppression. Our hope is that Judge Amul Thapar exercises his judicial discretion and does not sentence TNP to the unconscionable prison time that the federal prosecution is asking for.

Further, as many of us collectively do - we hope that our leaders take this time to honestly introspect on the direction that we are headed when we continue to lead with force, indifference to suffering and military arms as opposed to compassion-encompassed pragmatism.

The military industrial complex spans coast to coast in America. Sites across the country have long legacies of contaminating communities in the process of producing weapons of mass destruction.

Communities in the south living near the Savannah River Site in South Carolina and Y-12 in Tennessee face similar challenges. Georgia WAND is leading efforts on inter-geographical dialogue among these communities, each leading struggles for peace and justice.

On Tuesday, December 28, Georgia leaders living near SRS will speak out for their right to information about what’s in their food and water in front of the Savannah River Site Citizen’s Advisory Board.

On the same day, the Plowshares 3 will face a federal judge and wait sentencing.

Please stand in solidarity with both communities.

Click here to take action to support SRS Activists, or contact courntey@goergiawand.org to get involved in Georgia WAND’s environmental justice work.

In addition to spreading the word about the struggle that the TNP activists  and Georgia WAND are engaged in, there are a few other things that we can do to support Megan, Michael, and Greg.

Write to them.  The addresses are listed below:

Gregory Boertje-Obed 22090

Irwin County Detention Center

132 Cotton Drive

Ocilla GA  31774


Michael Walli 4444

Irwin County Detention Center

132 Cotton Drive

Ocilla GA  31774


Megan Rice  22100

Irwin County Detention Center

132 Cotton Drive

Ocilla GA  31774

You must make sure to include your entire return address on the outside of the envelope. No staples or paperclips can be included in your mail; no oversized envelopes. Magazines and books must be sent directly from the publisher or bookstore/Amazon. Photocopies of brief articles are likely to be permitted (based on our past experience). If you include inappropriate material or fail to comply with these rules, your mail will not get through—it will be returned to you.

Write to Judge Thapar. 

US District Judge Amul R Thapar

c/o Professor Bill Quigley

Loyola Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice

7214 St. Charles Avenue

Campus Box 902

New Orleans, LA 70118

 If you care to send a copy to OREPA that would also be appreciated: orep@earthlink.net

From the Transform Now Plowshares website: "Our purpose with these letters is not to reargue the case, nor is it to condemn nuclear weapons production—the judge is not engaging those issues at this time. Our purpose is to address the legal system’s distortion of the nonviolent action of the TNP resisters and to provide support to the judge for a sentencing decision that takes into account the nature of their action and their nonviolent behavior throughout their action."

Learn more about the case - http://transformnowplowshares.wordpress.com/

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