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Celebrating 13 Years of Stand for Peace


Stand for Peace Crew: from left to right: Becky Rafter, Bernice Bass, Pat Sailers, Peggy Hendrix, Kempton Haynes, Sylvia Krebs, Marilyn Karwoski, Ed Krebs, Ella Ruth Hunnicutt, summer 2015

13th Anniversary of Stand for Peace: "Support Diplomacy with Iran!" to End Systemic Violence

The 13th anniversary of Stand for Peace, a weekly vigil to end war, will be held this Friday with support from Georgia WAND, the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition and #ItsBiggerThanYou.

The Stand for Peace vigil began when several folks were arrested after demanding to wait to talk with  then Senator Zell Miller, whose office was in Colony Square, to ask him to vote against invading Iraq. Those not arrested went down to the street corner below his office to protest the arrests and to try to get the Senators attention about evading war.

They came back the following week bearing signs saying, "U.S. Stay Out of Iraq" and "Honk for Peace," vowing to return to the corner each Friday during the busy lunch hour until the U.S. left Iraq and then Afghanistan, and to end all wars. The Stand for Peace crew, which Georgia WAND helped to initiate and continues to support, has stood, sat, danced, and waved through all types of weather, harassment, and deaths of Stand for Peace members, every Friday for 13 years.
This year's theme is supporting the Iran nuclear agreement, which has a fragile future in Congress and needs grassroots support. Once again, we must avert war and support diplomacy. We encourage everyone to bring homemade signs about bold peace and diplomacy with Iran. Black Lives Matter signs are also encouraged to help connect the dots between the U.S.'s build up of nuclear weapons having a disproportionate environmental- and jobs- related health impact on working class Black communities here in Georgia, due to radiological contamination, and the impact of militarization of police and a culture of violence and racism.

We need a big ol' crowd to help spread the message and awareness that diplomacy is the only path to pursue peace with Iran (and beyond) and to honor the crew that battles weather, inertia, and schedule demands to stand for peace every Friday!!

WHEN: Friday, August 21, 12:00pm-1:00pm (Lunch follows at 1p)
WHERE: Colony Square, Corner of 14th & Peachtree, Atlanta, Georgia

This event is co-sponsored by the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition (GPJC) and #ItsBiggerThanYou. For More information on the Iran agreement, visitNational WAND's website Iran agreement resource page and see GPJC's statement on Iran. This event is also being held as part of #ItsBiggerThanYou 1 year anniversary of actions calling attention to the structural violence of police murdering of Black men and boys and Black cis- and Transgender women, which relates directly to war and militarism of society.

To RSVP, contact becky@georgiawand.org or call 404-524-5999. We can't wait to see you on the corner in two days!

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