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Stand with Occupy Atlanta

Local activists, students, mothers, fathers, children and workers have taken to the park, and to the streets in their fight for economic equality. They have occupied Woodruff Park, renaming it Troy Davis Park, and stayed through the rain, through the police threats, through the criticism and opposition, to fight against corporate greed, the financial control of the 1% and restore economic power to the people, the 99%.

As an organization founded on redirecting excessive military spending toward unmet human and environmental needs, who fights the nuclear corporate greed that forces taxpayers and ratepayers to finance nuclear energy they're lied to about how nuclear power as ‘clean, green and safe’ in order to further corporate financial interests, Georgia WAND supports the Occupy Wall-Street movement, especially Occupy Atlanta, and stands with those fighting for economic justice

Occupy Atlanta needs community support! Here’s what you can do to help:

Show Up

Mayor Kasim Reed has threatened eviction on Monday, October 17. Please support the fight for economic equality by taking a "Stand of Solidarity" Monday, October 17 at 4pm to support the occupiers. The Atlanta North Georgia Labor Council and many other groups from across the city will be their showing support, please join them!

If you can’t ‘occupy’ all the time, show up anytime! Stop by when you can, for as long as you can, to show your support.

General Assembly meetings are held each night at 7pm


Join the occupiers and others in the March to Defend the Peachtree-Pine Homeless Shelter. Come show your support and deliver a message to Emory University and other greedy corporate interests that would like to see this property be used to fatten their bellies and wallets, while others starve and die in the cold: We will NOT allow our city to be controlled by a few powerful institutions, we WILL NOT stand for the callus prioritization of wealth over people, WE WILL NOT allow Peachtree and Pine to be shut down. Our community needs a place they can count on and we have a chance to defend that.

Friday, October 14 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm, Rally at 5pm, March starts at 5:30, Troy Davis Park (formerly Woodruff Park) 91 Peachtree Street NE,


All donations should be delivered to 60 Walton Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. They can be dropped off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Items needed include:
Blankets or sleeping bags
White boards
Folding chairs
Walkie talkies with 5 miles range

For more information, email contact@occupyatlanta.org


The occupiers are constantly being threatened with eviction by Mayor Kasim Reed and his Chief of Police. Reed has announced that residents of the park have until Monday to leave peacefully. They need our help to flood the Mayor's office with phone calls asking him to let them stay indefinitely like what Mayor Bloomberg has done for Occupy Wall Street. Occupy DC has been given several months as well.

Most importantly, please show up on MONDAY, October 17 and stand with the occupiers, which you can do legally on the sidewalk, as they will likely be faced with police forces attempting to evict them.

The Mayor and his contacts are:

Kasim Reed
City of Atlanta
55 Trinity Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel:  404.330.6100
Fax: 404.658.6893
Office of Chief of Staff, 404.330.6100
Office of Communications, 404.330.6100

City of Atlanta
Office of Communications
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 2500
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Tel:  404.330.6004
Fax: 404.658.6893

Sonji Jacobs Dade
Director of Communications
404.330.6558 - Office
404.276.6866 - Cell

Reese McCranie
Deputy Director of Communications
404.330.6006 - Office
404.886.2334 - Cell

Jennifer Ogunsola
Media Relations Officer
404.330.6763 - Office
404.886.2963 - Cell

Michael Carswell
Station Manager
404.330.6086 - office

Tkeban Jahannes
E-Communications Manager

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