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Stand up for Solar Power in Georgia!

Senate Bill 41, sponsored by Senator Buddy Carter and others, is a bi-partisan backed bill that would allow third party suppliers to install, own, and maintain solar panels something currently allowed in 45 other states.

The bill encourages renewable energy expansion in Georgia and would give consumers more choice about who they purchase energy from and how that energy is produced.

Because of stalling, and strong opposition from Georgia Power and others, the provisions of SB 401 have now been attached to SB459, a bill that will be heard in the Regulated Industries and  Utilities Committee.

Please contact this committee to tell them you support solar power and consumer choice. Tell them you support SB 401 and the SB 401 provisions not attached to SB 459.

Regulated Industries and Utilities  Committee:

David Shafer, Chair:  (404) 656-0048,  david.shafer@senate.ga.gov

Renee Unterman, Vice-Chair:  (404) 463-1368,  Renee.Unterman@senate.ga.gov

Ed Harbison, Secretary, (404) 656-0074, ed.harbison@senate.ga.gov

Gloria S. Butler, (404) 656-0075, gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov

Buddy Carter, (404) 656-5109, bcarter331@aol.com

Frank Ginn, (404) 656-4700, frank.ginn@senate.ga.gov

Steve Henson(404) 656-0085, stevehenson@mindspring.com

Jack Hill, (404) 656-5038, jack.hill@senate.ga.gov

George Hooks, (404) 656-0065,  george.hooks@senate.ga.gov

Rick Jeffares, (404) 656-0503,  rick.jeffares@senate.ga.gov

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