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Stand for Peace Ninth Anniversary

Around 75 attendees gathered at Colony Square on Friday, August 26, to participate in the ninth anniversary of Stand for Peace. Weekly vigils for peace began back in 2002, when several Atlanta peace activists visited Senator Zell Miller’s office, hoping to convince him to vote against a U.S.-preemptive attack on the citizens of Iraq. Senator Miller refused to meet with the group. Several activists refused to leave until an appointment was scheduled, and were subsequently arrested. Since then, Georgia WAND has been leading the weekly vigils on the same corner, calling to bring all the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, finally putting an end to this illegal and immoral war.

Following the peace demonstration at noon, Courtney Hanson began a series of speeches and testimonies against the war by reflecting on some of the human costs war. She was followed by Bobbie Paul, Executive Director of Georgia WAND, Alice Lovelace, American Friends Service Committee, Glory Kilanko, Women Watch Afrika, Anne Mauney, Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, and Betsey Miklethun, Atlanta Grandmothers for Peace. Georgia WAND would like to thank everyone who helped make the ninth anniversary of Stand for Peace an impactful and successful event.

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