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Grassroots support wins victory for Georgia and South Carolina communities impacted by nuclear site


For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Courtney Hanson, Public Outreach Director
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Grassroots support wins victory for Georgia and South Carolina communities impacted by nuclear site

 After weeks of deliberation, more than 500 emails from South Carolina and Georgia residents and dozens of public comments during hearings, the Savannah River Site Citizen’s Advisory Board (SRS CAB) voted 17-6 this morning to adopt a recommendation that SRS, located on the Georgia/South Carolina border, not become a storage site for about 75,000 tons of the nation’s radioactive nuclear waste.

“This is a huge grassroots win for Georgia and South Carolina,” Georgia Women’s Action for New Directions Executive Director Becky Rafter said. “We applaud the CAB’s leadership on this issue and their steadfast efforts to do what’s best for the communities near SRS in both Georgia and South Carolina.”

The position paper will now be posted on the CAB’s website demonstrating their official stance on the issue.

It was a controversial issue and brought much debate among the CAB as well as the most public participation in recent CAB history. Those stakeholders that spoke out in person and online, including dozens of Georgia WAND members from across the state,  where overwhelmingly in support of the proposal to prevent more nuclear waste at SRS.

Citizens cited warnings around further environmental contamination, dangerous transport of nuclear waste through the Southeast , and concerns that the waste would open up the door for reprocessing at SRS, which is what left SRS with the waste its currently working to cleanup.

“Stakeholders on both sides of the river agree that future generations of our communities will not be well served by SRS taking on this additional environmental burden.” Rafter said. “Georgia WAND is proud to bring the voice of Georgia community stakeholders to the table.”

Georgia WAND’s Courtney Hanson also presented “SRS: A community perspective” to the CAB during Monday’s hearings, highlighting the need for radiological environmental monitoring for Georgia communities downwind and downstream of SRS. The Department of Energy cut funds for a comprehensive monitoring program in Georgia in 2003.

“Georgia communities are fighting for a monitoring program that will help them stay informed about what contaminants, if any, are in their water, food and air,” Courtney Hanson, Public Outreach Director at Georgia WAND said. “This proposal is a step in the right direction for keeping SRS focused on cleanup and government agencies focused on supporting the needs of the community.“





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