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Speak Out for the Rights of Women and Girls in Peace and in Conflict!

IMAGE_women_power_peaceGeorgia WAND and National WAND are participating in the 50 Days of Action for Women and Girls Social Media Campaign! This is a special social media campaign directed at U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other high-level decision-makers in the U.S. Government to speak out to them about issues concerning the rights of women and girls in peace and in conflict.

Join us in tweeting and posting on Twitter and Facebook to highlight concrete, measurable and specific policy actions that the government can take to prevent gender-based violence and ensure that women are at the table when decisions are made about U.S. engagement in peace and security issues. Scroll down to check out sample tweets and posts.

On February 1, 2013, John Kerry assumed the role of U.S. Secretary of State. For the previous four years, Secretary Hillary Clinton had been a champion of women and girls in the U.S. government and around the world. Secretary Clinton advocated that the protection and empowerment of women as equal partners in peace and in conflict is critical to our national and global security and ensured that the rights of women and girls were key concerns of the State Department and White House.

Under her leadership, the United States issued multiple policies aimed at the inclusion and advancement of women and girls, specifically targeting issues such as promoting gender equality, ending early and forced marriage, addressing gender-based violence, and advancing the role of women in peace-building and ending violent conflict. During Secretary Clinton's tenure, the first-ever Ambassador at Large for Global Women's Issues was appointed.

Join Georgia WAND and National WAND, along with coalition partner organizations, in tweeting and posting to make sure that the work of advancing the rights of women and girls continues!

Here are Sample Messages to start with that you can share on Twitter and Facebook or you can write your own!


1. Women are > 1/2 the world's pop. but only 16% of peace agmts of last 20 yrs mention women. Empower women to be agents of peace! #usa4women

2. Women are > 1/2 the world's pop. but were < 8% of participants in key #peace negotiations in last 20 yrs. #usa4women

3. "Leadership is not a birthright. It has to be earned by each new generation."-Hillary @ClintonNews #usa4girls  http://www.ibtimes.com/hillary-clinton-remarks-american-leadership-council-foreign-relations-full-text-1056708

4. .@usaidpolicy @statedept @ambassadorrice: Advocate 4 full enforcement of laws that empower and protect women & girls #usa4women #usa4girls

5. Empowering women & girls is key to achieving peace & security in #post2015 agenda @vj44 @whitehouse #usa4women  http://bit.ly/13ocPW8

6.  #Post2015 Agenda shld guarantee women’s rights to participate in leadership & decision-making at all levels #usa4women  http://bit.ly/13ocPW8 

7. .@nancylindborg @ambassadorrice: Women should have role in all #peace negotiations & have the tools 2 b active participants. #usa4women

8. .@statedept: No accountability for violence against women leads to more conflict, war. #usa4women

9. .@statedept: Female mediators empower women to be agents of peace, not merely victims of war! #usa4women http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/196726.pdf

10. .@whitehouse @statedept: Include female mediators in every negotiation to end conflict http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/email-files/US_National_Action_Plan_on_Women_Peace_and_Security.pdf #usa4women #peace

11. .@nancylindborg @state_DRL @ambassadorrice: Ensure women & girls' voices r heard in #ArabSpring countries http://bit.ly/1126UDg #usa4women

12. .@statedept @S_GWI: Ensure effective support for nat'l women's mvmts in conflict-affected countries #usa4women


1.  In the last two decades, women were less than 8% of the participants in key peace negotiations and less than 3% of the signatories of the resulting accords. Only 16% of agreements during this period mentioned women at all. Empower women and girls as agents of peace, not merely as victims of war! http://www.unifem.org/attachments/products/0302_WomensParticipationInPeaceNegotiations_en.pdf

2.  WAND and the EastWest Institute’s (EWI) Parliamentarian Network for Conflict Prevention brought together women political leaders from the west and the east to spearhead new development in women's leadership in security.  Women state legislators from the U.S. and women parliamentarians from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, and Tunisia gathered in Ankara, Turkey to participate in a peer-to-peer exchange focused on dialogue, information sharing, and capacity building. Let's continue to expand women's leadership!  http://www.willwand.org/2013/06/05/building-international-bridges/

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