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Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference 2012

Georgia WAND Public Outreach Director, Courtney Hanson, attended the 8th Annual Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference October 6 and 7, 2012 at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee. Courtney and Mandy Hancock of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy led a workshop on nuclear power in the Southeast, focusing on the unique justice, economic, environmental and health and safety risks nuclear power poses. She also spoke about the politics that make nuclear projects possible and how young leaders can get involved in the fight against nuclear in their home states. About 100 students attended the workshop and the majority of them showed interest in learning more about nuclear, organizing in their own communities and supporting Georgia WAND’s work across the state.

Courtney also participated in and helped promote a march and rally following the conference. Hundreds of students from across the Southeast marched to the Florida Supreme Court and rallied to oppose Nuclear Cost Recovery in Florida, a law that allows utilities to charge customers upfront in order to obtain monies to build dirty, dangerous nuclear plants. Georgia WAND is fighting the same legislation in Georgia.

The SSREC empowered youth leaders to make a stand and take action on complex challenges of the 21st century. It highlighted problems and solutions to issues surrounding not just nuclear power, but energy in general, the economy, and the environment. Workshops like Courtney’s helped identify and dismantle the systemic injustices that inhibit transformational progress on these issues in the Southeast, the United States, and worldwide. Through an assortment of workshops, trainings, and speakers, youth from across the region will engaged in a participatory process of skill-building and strategizing for a more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable planet.

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