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Shell Bluff and GA WAND welcome Source to Sea Paddlers for Community Dinner and Dialogue


Georgia WAND continues our 10+ year legacy of engagement and activism within Shell Bluff, the Georgia community located immediately south of Georgia Power's operating nuclear facility, Plant Vogtle and the decommissioned Savannah River Site nuclear reservation.

Tuesday, March 31st 2015, Bernice Johnson Howard, GA WAND Field Coordinator, organized a Community Activism Dinner & Dialogue to explore solutions to local residents' concerns about living downstream of the nations 3rd most contaminated river. On board with GA WAND, Bernice is passionate about creating opportunities for the Shell Bluff community "to form alliances between groups that share the same vision for a healthy [Shell Bluff]."

On behalf of the Shell Bluff community, Bernice welcomed Savannah River's Source to Sea paddlers, "to honor their most honorable work: bringing awareness to the plight of the Savannah River, the community, and the people which it nourishes, heals and supports on a daily basis." The paddlers have been tirelessly journeying down the river for weeks to raise awareness of its plight. We were delighted that they could set their paddles aside for an evening to enjoy a hot meal and discuss their journey with us.

Thank you Mcelmurray Spring Branch Church, Georgia WAND supporters, and Source to Sea Paddlers!

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