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2/17: Stand with Georgia WAND & Georgia Water Coalition to Protect Georgia’s Drinking Water!

Take Action to protect clean water for all Georgians!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016; 8am-5pm
Starting Location: Central Presbyterian Church
Central 201 Washington St. SW, Atlanta GA 30303

This year, Georgia WAND is especially interested in passing Senate Bill 36 to protect groundwater – as part of our work with the Georgia Water Coalition. Below are steps we're asking you to take immediately and a simple fact sheet on the bill.

Georgia WAND cares about the quality of groundwater in Georgia. Many of Georgia’s drinking water aquifers are pristine; they support local economies and are superior to alternatives in terms of cost and reliability. Unlike other states across the country, many Georgians are fortunate to have access to and reasonable use of water on or under their property. But our precious groundwater is compromised in many areas because current laws and regulations do not provide enough protection. SB 36, fortunately, will require the Department of Natural Resources to write rules protecting our groundwater.

Senator William Ligon introduced SB 36, which is co-sponsored by other South and coastal Georgia legislators (Senators Ben Watson, Lester Jackson, Tommie Williams, Freddie Powell Sims), during last year’s session; and it successfully passed the Senate by a majority vote. It is currently waiting to be heard by the House of Representatives’ Natural Resources and Environment Committee. We need the bill to be heard and favorably passed out of committee and onto the House floor for a successful vote.

SB 36 is a no-cost option to protecting our groundwater, which in turn protects our property and economic interests; otherwise, we might spend millions of dollars cleaning up contaminated water. SB 36 is good for Georgia, our economy, people and children – Protecting our groundwater now makes sense for future generations!

Step One: Please call your Georgia State Representative today and ask them to support SB 36, which is currently in the Natural Resources Committee. You can find what district you're in by putting in your contact info on the GA Sec of State's My Voter Page or at Open State.org. While you're talking with your representative, we recommend that you make an appointment to speak with him or her during Capitol Conservation Day on February 17th, if you're planning to join GA WAND at this event. To find out who your legislators are and how to contact them, go to: http://openstates.org/ga.

Step Two: Call through the members of the Georgia House Natural Resources Committee and ask each of them to support SB 36! Click here to get a list of the members of the Georgia House Natural Resources Committee.

Step Three: RSVP for to join Georgia WAND's contingent at Capitol Conservation Day with Che Johnson-Long at wecount@georgiawand.org or 404-524-5999 EXT 11 for additional info and to ensure your complimentary breakfast.

Defend Georgia's Groundwater.

Educate Your Lawmakers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016; 8am-5pm
Starting Location: Central Presbyterian Church
Central 201 Washington St. SW, Atlanta GA 30303
8:00am                Continental Breakfast begins
8:30                     Legislative Briefing
10:00                   Group Photo with Governor inside Capitol
10:30                   Meet with YOUR Legislators
LUNCH               On your own, Sloppy Floyd Towers Cafeteria (or with AAAJ)
3:00pm                Debriefing room at Capitol open

Location: Central 201 Washington St. SW, Atlanta GA 30303

Capitol Conservation Day begins at 8am across the street from the Capitol at the Central Presbyterian Church with a complimentary breakfast buffet. Beginning at 8:30am, organizational leaders will tell you about the most-timely and important water legislation and how to connect with your legislators in the Capitol. Afterward, we will move to the Capitol for a group photo and meet with our legislators to talk about why clean water is important to us. Participants will be asked to come to a debriefing room in the Capitol to share the results of their legislative encounters before leaving for the day. 

Please consider wearing the color green on Capitol Conservation Day to show solidarity.

Talking Points for Calling your Reps

Please use the following talking Points when calling your House Representative and the members of the House Natural Resources Committee:

Public SB 36 Fact Sheet 1-8-16_Page_1

Public SB 36 Fact Sheet 1-8-16_Page_2

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