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Resist Nuclear Power Expansion

In December, 2009, a nuclear reactor at Plant Vogtle was shut down twice in one week. Find out what happened - Vogtle Shuts Down Reactor Twice This Week.

Legal Intervention Update -

Georgia WAND, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Savannah Riverkeeper, Center for a Sustainable Coast and Blue Ridge Environemtnal Defense League (BREDL) are intervening in the ESP (early site permit) and the COLA (combined operating license application) processes, petitioning the board to disallow Southern Company to go forward with this project.

Georgia WAND organized members of the public to address the board informally about their concerns on Sunday March 22nd from 3pm to 5pm. Glenn Carroll, Betsy Rivard, Joanne Steele, Adele Kushner, Jen Kato Macuch, Emma Ogley-Oliver, Amanda Hill and Bobbie Paul, Krista Brewer, Annie Laura Stephens and Claude Howard attended. Some of us toured areas surrounding Plant Vogtle.

Update: The Georgia Public Service Commission endorsed the Georgia Nuclear Energy Financing act, which permits Georgia Power to bill ratepayers for services not yet provided. Read the AJC article here.

Georgia House Approves SB 31 107 to 66! Here's how it played out:

SB 31 allows Georgia Power to start "taxing" its ratepayers (beginning in 2011 and continuing until 2017) for the building of two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle in Burke County. Not until 2017 are the reactors expected to begin producing power. These reactors would be added to the existing 2 reactors that came online in 1987 and 1989. (NOTE: These proposed reactors are new Westinghouse AP 1000 models that have not yet been completely designed, approved, licensed, or permitted.)

SB 31, basically, allows Georgia Power to gain $1.6 billion in profit coming directly from ratepayers over a 5 to 6 year time period before energy is to be delivered. An additional $400 million, also coming from ratepayers, would fund Georgia Power's interest on debt. If everything goes as Georgia Power plans, ratepayers would begin recovering partial investment costs in 2018 and reach a breakeven point (i.e. recovering the average of approximately $495 pre-payment to Georgia Power) in 2035. How old will you be then?

Courageous House members who spoke out strongly against this plan were Randall Mangham, Debbie Buckner, Brian Thomas who deliverd the minority report, Georganna Sinkfield, Mary Margaret Oliver, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, David Lucas, Earnest "Coach" Williams, Don Wix, Rob Teilhet, DuBose Porter and a few others. During the 2-hours of oral arguments, a motion from the floor to send this bill back to Rules failed.

Here is a list of those who voted against this bill: 66 votes

Roberta Abdul Salaam, Allison, Kathy Ashe, Austin, Tim Bearden, Sharon Beasley-Teague, Stephanie Stuckey Benfield. Tyrone Brooks, Roger Bruce, Bob Bryant, Debbie Buckner, Mark Butler, Jill Chambers, T. Collins, Rick Crawford, Burke Day, Dobbs, Dooley, Winifred Dukes, J. Epps, Johnny Floyd, Virgil Fludd, Bobby Franklin, Pat Gardner, Rich Golick, J. Craig Gordon, Bob Hanner, M. Harden, Mark Hatfield, Michele Henson, Penny Houston, Carolyn Hugley, Lester Jackson, Mike Jacobs, Celeste Johnson, Terry Johnson, Sheila Jones, Margaret Kaiser, Roger Lane, Ralph Long, David Lucas, Randall Mangham, Pedro Marin, Mayo, Doug McKillip, Billy Mitchell, Alisha Thomas Morgan, Mary Margaret Oliver, Bobby Eugene Parham, DuBose Porter, Alan Powell, David Ralston, Barbara Massey Reece, Bobby Reese, Carl Rogers, Ed Rynders, Austin Scott, Martin Scott, Robin Shipp, Georganna Sinkfield, M. Stephens, Taylor, Rob Teilhet, Brian Thomas, Thompson, Don Wix.

Those who voted for SB 31 were: 107 votes

Amos Amerson, Anderson, Terry Barnard, Battles, Tommy Benton, Ellis Black, Mark Burkhalter, Jon Burns, Charlice Byrd, Amy Carter, Buddy Carter, David Casas, Mickey Channell, Mike Cheokas, Mike Coan, Jim Cole, Brooks Coleman, Doug Collins, Sharon Cooper, Clay Cox, Hardie Davis, Steve Davis, Dawkins-Haigler, Katie Dempsey, Tom Dickson, Matt Dollar, Karla Drenner, Earl Ehrhart, Terry England, Carl Von Epps, Melvin Everson, Gloria Frazier, Fullerton, Harry Geisinger, Mike Glanton, Tom Graves, Mark Hamilton, Ben Harbin, B. Harden, Heard, Joe Heckstall, Bill Hembree, Calvin Hill, Cecily Hill, Doug Holt, Billy Horne, Wayne Howard, Sistie Hudson, Lynmore James,Sean Jerguson, Jan Jones, Darryl Jordan, Jerry Keen, Mike Keown, David Knight, Tom Knox, Bob Lane, Kevin Levitas, Edward Lindsey, Barry Loudrmilk, John Lunsford, Billy Maddox, Gene Maddox, Judy Manning, Chuck Martin, Howard Maxwell, Jeff May, Tom McCall, John D Meadows, Fran Millar, James Mills, Greg Morris, Howard Mosby, Quincy Murphy, Jay Neal, Randy Nix, Larry O'Neal, Butch Parrish, Don Parsons, Allen Peake, J. Powell, Jimmy Pruett, Matt Ramsey, Nikki Randall, Tom Rice, Jay Roberts, Tony Sellier, Ed Setzler, Jay Shaw, Donna Sheldon, Barbara Sims, Chuck Sims, Bob Smith, Lynn Smith, Richard Smith, Tommy Smith, Vance Smith, Calvin Smyre, Willie Talton, Len Walker, Weldon, Joe Wilkinson, Wendell Willard, Al Williams, Mark Williams, Roger Williams, John Yates.

Those who were excused: Stacey Abrams, Baker, Gerald Greene, Pam Stephenson. 4 votes

Those who did not vote: Speaker Glenn Richardson, "Coach" Williams, and Ron Stephens. 3 votes

(Thank you to Barbara Antonoplos, Betsy Rivard, Cathy Bradshaw, Sandra Holmes, Vanessa, Daniel Schulz, Carol Coney, Bob Fletcher, Tom Ferguson, Emma Ogley Oliver, Glenn Carroll, Danny Feig, Danny Orrock, Mark Woodall, Neill Herring, Allie Wall, Will Phillips, Chisa Yarde, Julie Simon, Helen Butler, and the countless WAND members who worked hard and responded to our email alerts and educated their Representatives and Senators on both the financing and environmental implications of this bill. We developed many new relationships with our legislators and members of partner organizations.)

Here are links to articles recently published about SB 31 -

Jay Bookman, "Ga. legislators take ownership of nuke plants"

Jay Bookman "Who will curb Georgia Power's clout?"

Former Governor Roy Barnes "We Need a People's Lobbyist"

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