REMOP Community Talks: Now Streamed Live on Facebook

Times have changed, and there are many things that require you to change with the times.  Community Organizing is one of those areas.  Shell Bluff Organizers Janie Hill-Scott and Natalie Herrington are always looking for ways to increase the community’s involvement with REMOP. During the October Talks, they tested a theory and instantly saw the results.

Natalie Herrington shared, “Janie and I attend a lot of community meetings, and we notice how an organization can be doing a great thing in the community but attendance doesn’t reflect widespread awareness of that fact. We also know the impact of social media and technology and want to incorporate those tools as much as possible in REMOP.”
For 15 minutes, Herrington “went live” on Facebook during the October Community Talk and 35 people joined the live stream.  Commenting on the results, Herrington said, “They started posting comments & questions, and I got excited because this is the community involvement we need in the program.”
After a discussion of the results, the REMOP team–Georgia WAND in partnership with UGA’s Savannah River Ecology Lab–decided to add a Facebook Live Community Talk from 4 pm – 5 pm on the same days the talks are scheduled (9:30 am, 10:30 am, 1:00 pm & 6:00 pm) at the Burke County Library.
Residents will be invited to submit questions prior to the live streaming and will have the opportunity to post questions during the talk.  Between now and December, the REMOP team will present Community Talks 1-3 on Facebook in hopes to catch folks up who haven’t been attending.  The Facebook Live will not replace the other scheduled talks, rather it is a tool to increase the community’s participation.
Hill-Scott is looking forward to more community members being involved in REMOP. “Adding the Facebook Live gives those who don’t have a lot of flexibility a way to attend,” stated Hill-Scott.  “It also eliminates the barrier of not having transportation,” added Herrington.
The next Community Talk in the series is November 27th at the Burke County Library.  You can watch the Facebook Live Community Talk from the Georgia Wand Facebook Page, so please go like the page.  We want to know what you think.
Send your comments, suggestions and concerns to
The REMOP community talks are a crucial part of Georgia WAND’s mission of working for environmental justice and monitoring activities around the Savannah River Site. Through spreading information about health and safety and teaching the vocabulary of radiation, Georgia WAND is creating an opportunity for community members to become self-advocates and to become more knowledgable about the happenings of the Savannah River Site and how it affects their lives.

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(Members of the Georgia WAND staff: Janie Hill Scott, Becky Rafter, Emily Weyrauch, Lindsay Harper, and Natalie Herrington in Burke County at the September 2017 Community Talk)