In the midst of a global pandemic GeorgiaWAND has reached higher heights in our GOTV endeavors. We hired canvassers and consultants to assist with this program to help with our work to bring about change. Though there have been many challenging occurrences for most we have been able to reach for, and meet our goals in our We Count Program with the help of ProGeorgia and our Atlanta and Burke County staff. We have continued to work diligently and effectively to engage our community and surrounding communities on the importance of voting and why it is important to make sure your voice is heard. Our efforts would not have been successful without the collective efforts of our donors, canvassers, foundations, staff, volunteers, partnering organizations, communities we serve and others! Through our partnership with ProGeorgia and their phone banking support, we were able to
have conversations with people across the state!


On December 12, 2020 GeorgiaWAND staff and board members gave out PPE to Burke County Community Members while witnessing the Burke County holiday parade. The Atlanta staff and board members also had the chance to take a short tour with Mrs. Annie Laura. Our 2020-2021 GOTV state senate runoff campaign had a great kick off with this event while we civically engaged across our state.

Racism as the Disease

by Sonya Bhatia On June 3rd, 2020, the Cleveland City Council voted to declare racism a public health crisis. This requires that following CDC guidelines, they must eradicate health disparities that emerge from racism. These measures also acknowledge the racist history of the United States and that racism directly impacts …

Reflection on Juneteenth

By: Sonya Bhatia CW: Slavery and Racial Violence Yesterday marked the celebration of Juneteenth, the symbolic mark of the emancipation of enslaved peoples. In fact, Juneteenth is the oldest holiday that celebrates the end of slavery.   Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, the legal words of freedom had not reached its …