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Press Release: Georgia WAND challenges recent Georgia Power settlement and nuclear power expansion

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

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Atlanta – In the wake of a rec ent settlement with ten intervening parties, Georgia Power defended their request of an 11.15% return on equity (down from 11.95%) to the  Public Service Commission at a hearing this morning.

Lawyers representing interve ning parties that refused to settle, including Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, AARP, Georgia Watch, Resource Supply Management questioned four Georgia Power witnesses over the need for the current request and whether it will set a precedent.

Georgia Power's  proposed retur n on equity means ratepayers could  face an extra $10 per monthly electric bill starting in January. Citizens took the opportunity to speak out against this proposal at the hearing and delivered petitions signed by over 200 people asking the Public Service Commission to deny Georgia Power's request.

“Georgia Power seems to think that consenting to a reduction from an outrageous rate qualifies them to talk about what generous compromise they are making,” Barbara Antonoplos of Atlanta, said.

Antonoplos likened Georgia Power's recent move to placate intervening parties to that of a crafty rug salesman who sets a grossly outrageous price and lowers it slightly in hopes that an unsuspecting buyer will be tricked into thinking he got a great deal.

The proposed hikes come at a time when Georgia Power is planning the construction of  two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro. This investment in high risk energy necessitates federal loan guarantees in the amount of $ 8.7 billion from the U.S. Department of Energy. In order to qualify for these loans and afford processing fees, Georgia Power must increase its revenues from ratepayers, shifting the financial burden from their executives and stockholders to their customers.

“Deals seem to have been made with corporate entities,"Bobbie Paul, Georgia Women's Action for New Directions Executive Director said. "But the pleas of ordinary citizens seem to  have fallen on deaf ears."

Georgia WAND is calling for all Georgia Power ratepayers  to email,  fax or call Georgia’s five Public Service Commissioners (Bubba McDonald, Doug Everett, Bobby Baker, Stan Wise, and Chuck Eaton) asking them to deny Georgia Power’s latest rate increase request and to attend the December 21st Public Service Commission meeting, where the commission will come to a final vote on the issue.

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