Press Conference for Climate and Nuclear Report Features Scientists, Activists

Atlanta, GA: On Thursday 12/14/17, Georgia WAND held a tele-press conference about the release of a new report about climate change and nuclear industry co-written with the Nuclear Information Resources Service (NIRS).

The report, titled Community Impacts at the Crossroads of Nuclear and Climate Injustices in the U.S. South, features an in-depth analysis of the effects of climate change and the nuclear industry on the U.S. South, especially rural communities in Georgia. It presents recommendations on creating sustainable economies, healthy jobs, long-term public health studies, and community-led plans.

Speakers on the tele-press conference included Colette Pichon Battle, executive director of the US Human Rights Network, Atlanta, GA; Jumana Master, former Agnes Scott College Bevier Public Health Intern at Georgia WAND, Atlanta, GA; Natalie Herrington, Georgia WAND Community Organizer, Waynesboro, GA; Dr. Lynn Ringenberg, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Tampa, FL; Becky Rafter, Executive Director, Georgia WAND, Atlanta GA; and Nathaniel Smith, Executive Director, Chief Equity Officer, Partnership for Southern Equity, Atlanta GA.

The press release is here.

An audio recording of the tele-press conference can be found here.

An executive summary of the report is here.

The full report is here.