President Obama Calls for a Moral Revolution

Hiroshima Peace Park. Photo credit:

Today, President Obama was the first sitting U.S. President to visit the bombing sites Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. He gave a moving speech at the Hiroshima Peace Park, a memorial erected in the aftermath of the August 6, 1945 bombing.  He called for a moral revolution, the eventual abolishing of nuclear weapons, and an end to war. You can read a transcript of this speech here:


Former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, who co-founded the Nuclear Threat Initiative, wrote an op ed published yesterday in the Washington Post, entitled “On nuclear weapons, nations must cooperate to avoid catastrophe.” He points out important threats to national security that nuclear weapons are only exacerbating and suggests steps the U.S. and other nation-states can take to end the nuclear age. You can read his piece here:


One response to his speech was penned by Paul Martin, senior director for policy and political affairs for Peace Action. Martin points out in a brief statement that the President’s critical suggestions toward peace and disarmament are countered by his administrations action, policies, and budget plans that are contributing to modernizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal over 30 years to the tune of $1 trillion.

Peace Action was one of the national organizations that encouraged President Obama to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Martin’s statement is here:


Shell Bluff, GA, which lies downwind and downstream from the Savannah River Site nuclear complex, cannot withstand another round of nuclear weapons build up.  Please let us know what you thought of President Obama’s speech. Email