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Plant Vogtle Update

On Monday, March 1, Georgia WAND held a community meeting in Shell Bluff, near nuclear Plant Vogtle, in response to the President Obama’s recent announcement of loan guarantees for Plant Vogtle and two new reactor builds in Georgia. Bobbie Paul and Annie Laura Stephens held a news briefing on the current situation of reactor development in the Shell Bluff area, legal interventions, and a federal bailout of the nuclear industry. Media coverage of the meeting can be read here (NBC Augusta: "Plant Vogtle reactor plans have some residents concerned") and here (The Augusta Chronicle: "Vogtle reactor components to be shipped by rail").


On Tuesday, March 2, Dianne Valentin and Bobbie Paul went onto Savannah where they teamed up with Tom Clements (and his nuclear pork pig outfit), Ian Adelman and Mandy Hancock (Southern Alliance for Clean Energy), Karen Grainey (Georgia Costal Sierra Club), Steve Willis (Center for Sustainable Coast), and SCAD students to greet President Obama with signs and banners decrying the nuclear bailout and promoting a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy future.

Visiting Savannah to promote jobs and energy, President Obama saw our signs clearly indicating federally-funded nuclear power jobs are not the “safe” way to go.  Our clean and safe energy contingent was joined by those seeking help with healthcare, education, unemployment and even “We love our President” signs. Bobbie and Dianne also met with Lori Johnston, a member of the Yamasi Native American Tribe, who shared her concerns that he expansion of Nuclear Plant Vogtle was in violation of tribal law. WSBTV covered the event and even interviewed Dianne (watch it here). WSAV also covered the event (watch it here).

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