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Budget Cap Loophole: Overseas Contingency Operations

clip_image004Budget Cap Loophole: Overseas Contingency Operations

Defense spending for 2016 is set to hit a record high. The budget caps put in place in 2010 require all programs to take massive cuts. This includes defense and non-defense spending. However, a portion of defense spending called the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Fund is not capped and will not receive cuts.


The Obama administration requested $64 billion for the OCO. However, to avoid the caps the House and Senate have decided to move the defense spending above the caps by placing it in the OCO fund. The OCO fund is set to increase to $90 billion. This means that although human services programs like education and healthcare are receiving cuts, Pentagon spending will not receive cuts. In fact, it will increase.


While our military budget is increasing, many Georgians are left without benefits to pay for basic necessities like quality education, nutritious food, and affordable housing. Does this spending reflect your priorities?

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