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JULY 1 Workshop: Pentagon Spending and the South


Pentagon Spending and the South

Saturday July 11, 10am-5pm

Georgia Hill Building Rm 316

250 Georgia Avenue SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

Please join Georgia WAND for a day-long training on Pentagon Spending and the South. It's happening Saturday July 11, 10am-5pm at Georgia Hill Community Center, Room 316, located at 250 Georgia Avenue SE, 30312.

Program participants will work together to build a better understanding about the intersections of labor, state violence, the nuclear industry, economic justice, health care, and more and coming up with some tangible strategies for addressing budget disparities while centering voices that have been first-hand knowledge of state violence and environmental contamination from the war industry.

We'll also be looking at how state and local budgets reflect high levels of militarized spending - which again would be really helpful to meet with you about beforehand.

Our goals are to leave the end of the day with collective ideas for a Peoples Budget in Georgia that prioritizes the demands of our organizations to be used in future legislative organizing efforts. This would be based on the Congressional Progressive Caucus's annual people's budget. In addition, participants will gain understanding in the following:

-Militarization of public resources and the South's unique history in the U.S. capitalist and military economy
-Obstacles to building an economy based on humanity, unity, and bold peace
-The history of the Peoples Budget and how its been used federally and in other states

Space is limited. Please RSVP by Wednesday, July 1 at che@georgiawand.org

Cost is FREE but we will be accepting donations to help cover costs of logistics, travel, materials, and love.

For more information, contact Program Manager, Che J. Long  at che@georgiawand.org or 404 524 5999.


More about the Training:

Georgia WAND is co-hosting, with National Priorities Project, an intensive day-long training for community leaders, legislators, scholars, and interested laypersons who are interested in learning how their work/actions/passions intersect with federal budget priorities and the militarization of public resources. This training will have a race, gender, class, and power analysis and will be framed in the South's unique history in the U.S. capitalist and military economy.

We'll be exploring how militarization and out-of-control military spending affects the South and Georgia in particular. We'll be looking at obstacles to building an economy based on humanity, unity, and bold peace. And we'll create collective possibilities for making long-term systemic change around what the federal budget needs to fund in Georgia, and what line items can get crossed off the list, (like modernizing the entire U.S. nuclear weapons force).

This dynamic workshop will consist of lots of learning from each other as well as a team of local and national facilitators. We'll be privileging voices that have been first-hand knowledge of state violence. We'll also be talking about who is benefiting from the government spending as it is - and who is not.

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