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Georgia WAND is commited to the peace movement. Our mission states we seek to reduce militarism and violence. We take local action to express our opposition to the war, which we believe to have been started on incorrect or falsified information.  The Stand for Peace is a weekly demonstration to protest our continued prescence in Iraq. Georgia WAND was a founding member of the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition (GPJC), which works for global peace and justice.

Women's Action for New Directions has published some great articles about the war in Iraq, including How did we get into the Iraq war? 12 reasons we got in; 12 things you can do to get us out (PDF download). What does it mean to choose to go to war? It means we've been building up to it for many years. A trenchant analysis from WAND president emerita Sayre Sheldon.

The most basic argument for peace is the loss of human life that comes with any war. The Iraq war has cost the United States greatly. For up to date casualty numbers, click here. We respect those troops that have died in this senseless war, but feel the greatest support they can get from those of us here is to be brought home. Which is why we proudly hold the American Friends Service Committee signs that read: "Support the Troops End the War" at the weekly Stand for Peace.

Our objection to the Iraq war is based not only on the violence and loss of human life, but the cost to the average american and the domestic debt created that adversly affects our economy, which results in more loss of money for the average american by reducing employment opportunities. Recent articles link the Iraq war directly to the United States' dependence on oil. Read this article: The Iraq War Was About Oil, All Along to understand. For more information about the true cost of the war in Iraq visit the National Priorities website for national cost and state cost.

Check out this video from AFSC about the cost of the Iraq war.

Now the build up is happenning for another war in the Middle East against Iran. Call-in to make sure your member of Congress knows there is strong opposition to military action against Iran in his or her district.

CALL NOW, before any irreversible steps are taken, is the time for us to speak out against any U.S./Israeli military attack on Iran. Call the Capitol Hill switchboard at 202-224-3121 or click here to look up the direct numbers for your representative's DC and local offices.

For more information, check out The New Yorker Magazine's, Preparing the Battlefield: The Bush Administration steps up its secret moves against Iran

Georgia WAND participates in the Stand for Peace every friday at Colony Square (the intersection of Peachtree St. and 14th St.), Atlanta, GA

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