Pack PSC Meeting on August 31, 2017

It’s Reckoning Time for nuclear power Plant Vogtle. This month, August 2017, Georgia Power will make a recommendation to Georgia’s Public Service Commission (PSC) about whether or not to pull the plug on this expansion, which is egregiously costly and behind schedule. The final decision, which is ultimately up to the PSC,  will be made later this fall. This is our time, and all of our hard work fighting this expansion for nearly a decade, is coming to a head.
If Vogtle units 3 and 4 come online, Georgia WAND is concerned about increased the distribution of toxic pollutants, including radiation, in local communities. Instead of investing our CWIP fees and federal taxes in new construction and loan guarantees, we’d like to see resources going toward renewable energy and ensuring quality, well-paid jobs and job training for local workers who would be displaced.
Also, the tie between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons should alarm people who favor furthering diplomacy and ending public investment in perpetuating systemic violence. And we fear the effects of climate change on the nuclear industry and how Georgians will be affected by it. If you agree with any of these points, please join Georgia WAND in our efforts to stop new nuclear construction in Georgia and contact GA’s five GA Public Service Commissioners with your opinion.
WHEN: August 31, 2017 from 10am-12pm
WHERE: 244 Washington St, SW, Room #110, Atlanta, GA
Show up, make your voice heard, and tell the PSC how you feel at the upcoming energy committee meeting during this history making moment!
For more information contact Becky Rafter at 404-524-5999 or email