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Our 2008 Voter Empowerment Campaign

In 2008, Georgia WAND (then Atlanta WAND) partnered with the Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA) for a Voter Empowerment project that worked with community members and a young, bright enthusiastic PCIA Youth Council to engage the Pittsburgh residents in voter registration, voter education, voter mobilization. The precincts had over 85% turnout of registered voters – a huge success for all involved with enthusiastic engagement and with the many, many talents shared during our Voter Empowerment Project!!

Atlanta WAND would also like to send out a very heartfelt “THANK YOU” to all the hard work for the 2008 Election all over our city. We had an amazing group of people who worked tirelessly signing up new voters, calling and checking registrations, phone banking efforts, and driving many, many people to the polls!! On Election Day, we had over 50 volunteers in the Atlanta WAND office working to support GOTV efforts all over town. We had poll watchers, election protection worker, callers and drivers engaged in various precincts  - an amazing, heartfelt and inspiring team. Thanks again to all of you for all your hard work and energy in such a historic and important election.

Now, Our Work Begins – we have many exciting opportunities coming up in our work in this season and into 2009 – please consider staying engaged our program work and join one of our committees. Call for details - 404 .524 .5999 or email wandatlanta@wand.org

To express your opinions directly to the future President of the United States, Barack Obama visit http://www.change.gov/page/s/yourstory. There is a box where you can tell the next president what you think are the important tasks he needs to take up.

Take this opportunity to keep the progressive pressure on and support the causes that inspire you.

Atlanta WAND is committed to involving women in the political process and we are committed to R.E.M: registration, education and mobilization.

The most basic of policital actions is voting. Therefore Atlanta WAND in partnership with the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda is dedicated to registering Georgians to participate in the 2008 Presidential Election.

Atlanta WAND is non-partisan and endorses no candidate for election, but we are devoted to bringing the opportunity to vote to each Georgian and have scheduled in conjunction with the Georgia Coalition for the People's Agenda. We have also scheduled training to empower our members to register voters themselves.

If you are interested in volunteering with Atlanta WAND Get Out the Vote (GOTV) 2008 Team, email: wandatlanta@wand.org .

Registered Voter Tools:

Election Protection: If you encounter problems at the polls, please call: 1-866-OUR VOTE (1-866-687-8683)

In order to vote at the polls you must provide one form of Valid Identification.

To check Voter Registration and Locate Poll use these links.

Absentee Voting: Request an absentee ballot today.  Click here for Absentee Ballot information, download Absentee Ballot, or you can call the Secretary of State’s Election Division at 404.656.2871.

Download the request form and mail or fax it to your county Registrar.  A Ballot will be mailed, which must be received by mail at their office by July 15th.

Advance Voting: Vote early on Monday through Friday of the week prior to an election.  Click here for Advance Voting Information. County Board of Registrars publishes  time and locations of polling locations for advance voting.

Georgia law requires your employer to allow you up to 2 hours off, if your regular work schedule does not allow you to get to the polls between 7am and 7pm on July 15th.  Make it a family outing!  Teach your children the value of the vote by taking them with you to the polls.

To preview your July ballot, contact your county Board of Registrars:

For Dekalb Co. go to:  https://dklbweb.dekalbga.org/voter/ and click on July Primary ballot for the party you will vote in.

For Fulton Co., go to:  http://www.fultoncountyga.gov/county/elections/ and click on ‘sample ballots'

For other counties, type “your county, Board of Registrars” into your search engine and look for a linke to ‘sample ballot’.

You will not vote in every election listed on your county ballot.  Your voter registration card lists which Congressional District, and which state House and Senate districts you reside in.  You will vote for candidates in these districts as well as other county races.

For information on any candidate for office, go to www.vote-smart.org and search by their name, or by your zip code for all candidates in your area.

Voter Registration Form can be downloaded here with Adobe program. Please follow these instructions to complete your application:

1. Fill in this PDF application online, or print the application and then write in the information.

2. Verify all information on your application. Sign your application.

3. Mail the completed, signed application. No postage necessary if mailed in the United States.

Mail to:  Karen Handel, Secretary of State, 1104 West Tower, 2 Martin Luther King Drive, S.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30334-1505  or to your local county board of registrars' office (voter registration applications may not be faxed)

Ex-Felons CAN register to vote if:

• The sentence is complete

• All fines are paid

• Probation & parole are completed

• Person is registered BEFORE election by the last day to register, October 6.

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