One Last THANK YOU to the 2017 We Count! canvassers!

Once again, before the year ends, the entire Georgia WAND team would like to extend a warm congratulations and THANK YOU to the wonderful canvassers who provided invaluable help in our efforts to register voters and Get Out the Vote this year! the 2017 We Count! Canvassers are Anthony Barnes, Valarie Engram, Jewel Howard, Jackie Hutchinson, and Jesse Orrock–Great job!

We had a mighty crew of canvassers who rose above and beyond the call of duty to surpass our voter canvassing goals. They were able to register 101 voters out of a goal of 100. Development and Programming Associate Emily Weyrauch contributed to this goal as well by registering
some of her housemates who are a part of her Quaker Voluntary Service program and parents at Dunbar Elementary School.

Also, we took part in a Voter Habit Experiment (VHE), a two-year voting habit experiment in which Pro Georgia, in partnership with the Analyst Institute, worked to determine what the impact of GOTV work (mailings, phone calls, door knocking, etc) in municipal elections has on convincing lower propensity New American Majority voters to turnout in midterm election years. Their participation is critical to creating real progressive change in Georgia. Georgia WAND’s goal was to hold 71 phone conversations and 284 door conversations. We surpassed our goal by having 101 phone conversations and 309 door conversations.

We participated throughout the year with OurFutureAtlanta in helping shape a platform for the future of our city. During the November election, they supported us by providing resources to help us spread important and relevant information to residents along the Lee Street Corridor in Atlanta. We were able to engage voters with a survey on the following topics:
How they wanted their tax dollars spent in their communities;
How their tax dollars are funding state violence and contaminating the environment;

That in the state of Georgia Plant Vogtle is the only new nuclear power plant being built in 30 years,

That the south is more vulnerable to climate change; and
Whether they were eligible and planning to vote in the upcoming election.
Most voters agreed that they would rather have their tax dollars spent on improving schools instead of subsidizing corporations. And most were aware that their tax dollars funded state violence and contamination of the environment. Many were aware of Plant Vogtle and the south’s vulnerability to climate change. Residents also shared whether they eligible to and/or planned to vote in the upcoming City of Atlanta mayoral and municipal races.

Our annual voter engagement efforts are a crucial part of Georgia WAND’s mission to provide people with the resources and information necessary to advocate for themselves and become politically engaged.

To join out efforts beginning in Spring 2018, please contact