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Nuclear Power and Climate Change: Pandora’s False Promise

hope cloud bluePandora’s Promise is a documentary by Robert Stone falsely claiming that nuclear power is our only hope to address climate change and that  nuclear power is “now passionately embraced by  many of those who once led the charge against it.”

Despite the film's claims, nuclear power does not have the capacity to address climate change, and environmentalists and social justice advocates do not support non-sustainable energy sources and industries that consistently put their plants in poor communities and communities of color, that poison the environment, that release cancer-causing radioactive elements, that create millions of gallons of radioactive waste, and that can render vast areas of earth permanent sacrifice zones after nuclear accidents.

Join us to leaflet outside the Atlanta premier, to let people know the truth about nukes and that there's a vibrant environmental and social justice movement for clean, renewable energy and reparations for communities impacted by toxic sites. We will be there most of the day around the film's showtimes, and there will be a specific gathering at 7:30 PM with signs and flyers outside the theatre.

Friday, June 14

Showtimes at 2:30 PM, 4:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 8:30 PM

Landmark Theatre- Midtown

931 Monroe Dr NE C212  Atlanta, GA 30308

For more information, email lisa@georgiawand.org or call 404-524-5999.

Learn more about the film from Beyond Nuclear and check out their fact sheet and full report on Pandora's (false) Promise.



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