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Nuclear Economics

When I was twelve, I started a lawn mowing business in my neighborhood. I identified the need among elderly neighbors, negotiated a fair price, did quality work and they paid me. Soon, I needed to buy a new lawn mower. I got a loan from my dad and paid him back with the money I made mowing lawns. After that, I kept my profits.

This is generally how business works in the U.S., but it's certainly NOT how the nuclear industry works. The industry manages to take money from taxpayers and ratepayers to finance power company projects, and never return any of that money that the public invests. Instead, they keep all the profits for themselves.

Check out thisĀ slideshow on nuclear economics for a look at the big picture of how and why this is happening. It also takes a close look at the Vogtle reactors, a microcosm, and explains what everyone can do to take action.


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