NSquare Innovators Network Cohort Close Out Report

In September 2018 Executive Director Lindsay Harper was selected for a year-long fellowship in the NSquare Innovators Network, a vibrant community of cross-sector leaders — in journalism, technology, arts, and sciences — developing new, collective approaches to nuclear arms control. There were four groups that made up the cohort: Creating Personal Participation, Sensemaking and Disinformation, Arts & Science, and Learning & Human Factors — and for the last year, Lindsay has participated in “innovation incubators” as part of the “Creating Personal Participation” group to bring more people into the nuclear non-proliferation space. 

Our current state of global nuclear weapons engagement is at its most alarming state since the creation of the first nuclear materials. The efforts and activities up to this point, although well resourced and well-informed, have nonetheless been ineffective in slowing or stopping the threat of nuclear war. Lindsay was joined by people from across the nation with expertise in journalism, entertainment media, technology, nuclear arms control, and the arts and sciences and created a multitude of new ideas and new resources to reduce the chance that nuclear weapons will ever be used — by accident or by design. 

Lindsay was able to expand thinking about the impacts of nuclear weapons production by sharing information about the human and environmental impacts of the legacy waste, tritium and other effluent on the bodies of pregnant women and the high potential of causing fetal anomalies. She gave a presentation orienting people to Burke County, the Central Savannah River Area, and other communities downwind and downstream from the Savannah River Site nuclear weapons complex and nuclear power Plant Vogtle. in Burke County. While much emphasis is put on the imminent danger of nuclear war and the future outlook of if there were to be a nuclear event, she was able to stress that there must also be attention to legacy communities who for generations have already born the health and environmental impacts of nuclear weapons production.

NSquare Innovators Network (NSIN) cohort met over the course of a year in Providence, Rhode Island, Sundance, Utah, and lastly in Washington, D.C. developing co-created projects that were ultimately prototyped and presented in front of a variety of cross-sector guests. Click here for pictures!

The “Creating Personal Participation” group included Ryan Beickert, Alexander D’haeseleer, Maxwell Downman, Daron Murphy, Joan Rohlfing, Eric Schlosser, Lovely Umayam — and the team was supported and facilitated by the wonderful Gena Cuba and Shazeeda Bhola. We discussed the key issues, threats, and opportunities in making nuclear non-proliferation a priority for more people who would then want to get activated. We produced multiple products! 

Please click here for our presentation: https://gawand.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Personal-Participation-N-Square-FINAL.pptx

Specific projects Lindsay was directly involved in were:

  • Bomb to Burke County,” with Daron Murphy of Art Not War. We started work on a teaser script that he was able to create through a series of conversations with multiple nuclear experts. Many people offered their support of Burke County after the presentation and are helping to locate resources to continue developing the script and begin pre-production. 
  • Atomic Bonds,” with Lovely Umayam and Alex D’haeseleer. We developed a “community dinner,” with the purpose of bringing people together, to break bread and have conversations that help build authentic relationships. We were able to prototype the dinner as an interactive exhibition.

For more information, please send an email to Lindsay Harper at Lindsay@GeorgiaWAND.org.