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NOW is the time to speak out against nukes in Georgia!

The Public Service Commission recently withdrew their proposal for a risk-sharing mechanism that would have forced Georgia Power to pay, in part, for their own failures to stay within budget on the construction of two nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle. Without this mechanism, the general public will be forced to finance all cost overruns to the $ 6.1 billion project. Considering construction of Vogtle reactors 1 and 2 went over by 1200%, this could be a very hefty bill. The PSC will officially vote on the issue at Tuesday at 10 am, the last meeting currently scheduled for the year on Vogtle issues.

NOW is the time to speak out! We must continue to spread the word, telling  Public Service Commission and the press -  We won’t take the environmental, safety OR financial risk of nuclear power. In the wake of Fukushima, countries such as Germany, Italy and Switzerland have implemented policies against moving forward with nuclear power, while the PSC and Georgia Power are going on with business as usual. NOW is the time for the U.S. to stop and re-evaluate the risks of nuclear power. Please join Georgia WAND and Nuclear Watch South for a rally and press conference at the PSC.

Tuesday, August 2, 9:15 am

We’ll meet at the Central Presbyterian Courtyard and walk down the street  together to the Public Service Commission where we’ll  hold a press conference and rally.

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