New Bills Aim to Stop Georgia Schools from Paying for Vogtle by Emily Weyrauch

Recently, a new bill (S.B. 355) was introduced to the Georgia legislature targeting Georgia Power and its enormous cost overruns on its project of construction nuclear power Plant Vogtle reactors 3 and 4.
The bill, a direct response to Plant Vogtle’s infamous project delays, says that utilities can not collect financing fees for a project beyond their initial completion date. It would put in place more legislative checkpoints for regulation for any future nuclear projects.
The bill would keep much of a current law about Georgia Power’s financing in place, but would prevent public and charter schools from monthly payments that go to the contruction of Vogtle’s two new reactors. It would also allow for the reimbursement of the finance fees if the project is abandoned.
Read Kristi Swartz’s reporting for E&E News on our partner Georgia Watch’s website.
A newer bill (S.B. 393) is narrower in its focus on removing the nuclear construction cost recovery tariff that appears on school power bills in Georgia. This would save Georgia schools millions of dollars per year–money that would be much better spent on educating our students.