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National Nuclear Free Call-In Day

Today, May 18, is National Nuclear-Free Call-In Day. Please call your members of Congress TODAY and urge them to reject President Obama's request for $36 Billion more in taxpayer loans for new nuclear reactors and instead to end the Title 17 nuclear loan program and rescind the funds currently in this program for new reactors and uranium enrichment plants--including money already conditionally offered for two new reactors in Burke County, Georgia.

*Your voices matter! The House and Senate Appropriations Committees have begun work on their FY 2012 energy appropriations bills. This is the time they are most focused on these issues. Now is the time to act.*

Congressional Switchboard for every member of Congress: 202-224-3121.

Calling your members of Congress

*When you call, introduce yourself with your name and where you live--so they know you are in their district.

*Ask that your Member oppose any increase to the Title 17 nuclear loan program, and that instead the program be ended and all unspent money (which is all of it--currently $18.5 billion for reactors and $4 billion for uranium enrichment plants) be rescinded.

*Ask if your Member has a position on your request

*Politics makes strange bedfellows: Please don't assume in advance your Member has a position one way or another. Some normally pro-nuclear members may well oppose nuclear loans on budgetary grounds; some nuclear skeptics may not yet fully understand this program. No matter what position your Member may have taken in the past, concerns over the federal budget and the impact of Fukushima may have changed things. Again: your voice and outreach matter.


Talking Points

Here are some additional talking points you may want to bring up if you can involve your Members' staff in a conversation:

*The Fukushima accident has demolished the entire public policy premise of the nuclear loan program. That premise was that, because private investors-Wall Street--have been leery of investing billions of dollars in expensive and financially risky new reactors, taxpayer support could jumpstart a new nuclear construction program. Congress and the Bush and Obama administrations believed that if utilities could show that they can build a few new reactors onbudget and on-time (neither of which occurred during the first generation of reactors), private money would follow.

*The reality in the post-Fukushima world is that private money will not follow. Not only are investors concerned about construction cost overruns,delays, and ability of utilities in deregulated states to find customer for high-priced nuclear electricity, now Wall Street has received another reminder that multi-billion dollar investments can turn into mega-billion dollar liabilities within hours. Even if a reactor is built on-time and on-budget, an accident that destroys it also destroys the ability of a utility to generate profit to repay loans.

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