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To share your #MyCommunityNeeds on social media, simply:

  1. Print out this sign.
  2. Write in what your community really needs (i.e. housing, better schools, healthcare programs)
  3. Take a selfie with it
  4. Post it on your social media account withthe hashtag #MyCommunityNeeds.
  5. Donate $15 at GeorgiaWAND.org and encourage your followers to do the same!


More and more money is being invested in nuclear weapons in the Deep South.

Under President Trump’s FY2019 budget, nuclear weapons would get a 17% increase. That could mean $353 million going to tritium (radioactive) weapons production activities at the Savannah River Site–a 61% increase over three years! Spending on nuclear weapons continues to increase.

Meanwhile, human needs–such as healthcare, schools, veterans benefits, and transportation–continue to be underfunded.

That’s why we’re asking YOU: What does your community need?