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Mother’s Day for Peace 2015


Mother's Day for Peace

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Agnes Scott College, Gaines Auditorium

In keeping with the tradition of Julia Ward Howe’s 1870 Mother’s Day Proclamation, this year’s Mother’s Day for Peace theme is “Bold Peace: From Here to Where?” Ms. Howe was a 19th century abolitionist, poet, and suffragist, and she tried to organize and international "Mother's Day", long before there was such a Hallmark-emblemed day for moms, where women could come together, mourn the loss of their children's lives (by the hand of each other's children) and create solutions to end war.

The timing of MD4P this year could not be more appropriate. For the first time in years, Congress is embarking on the appropriations process to dole out nearly $1.24 trillion in the federal discretionary budget. The Department of Defense budget is at an all time high: the Overseas Contingency Operations fund is slated to receive $90 billion; nuclear spending equals Cold War levels; and funding for atomic clean up is lower than we’ve seen in years.

Over the past year, Georgia WAND’s programming has inquired about the root causes of systemic violence and militarism. Program participants and speakers have identified root causes to be fear, racism, poverty, a lack of adequate political power, and candidates who don’t reflect the lives of voters, to name a few. A manifestation of these underlying causes of violence is the U.S. Pentagon budget.

MD4P will focus on connecting these dots and building solidarity and commitment to long-term movement-building to end war and violence, at their root causes.

MD4P 2015 will be an odyssey of the mind for Georgia WAND constituents. We will look further into how we can shift from a culture of war and violence toward one of peace and unity. The main event is a Speaker’s Salon, featuring former Assistant Secretary of Defense who controlled 70% of the defense budget, Lawrence Korb, currently a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress; Shakia Pennix, an activist with Atlanta’s Generation Y Project against police violence and militarization; and Ohio legislator and National WAND Education Fund Board Chair, Senator Charleta Tavares.

It is critical to anchor our work, the solutions, and this Salon, in the lives of people who have first hand knowledge of violence and militarism, at home and abroad. Therefore, the Co-Moderators of Speakers Salon are Juan Evans, Racial Justice Action Center (program organizer for Solutions not Punishments Coalition and Women on the Rise), and Maggie Martin, Iraq Veterans Against the War. To frame the conversation, we’ll begin with a brief interactive presentation about the proposed 2016 federal budget.

We're thrilled to announce the MD4P 2015 Award Honorees, Salon Speaker line-up, and Co-Moderators!

Award Honorees

Political Empowerment Award Krista Brewer
Peace and Justice Award Dawn Gibson
Faithful Service Award Senator Nan Grogan Orrock
Ed Arnold Environmental Justice Award MaKara Rumley

Salon Speaker line up!


Lawrence J. "Larry" Korb, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense (administered 70% of the defense budget from 1981-1985)currently Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress. Larry is also a senior advisor to the Center for Defense Information and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University. Prior to joining American Progress, he held several senior positions around national security. Larry was a Naval Flight Officer, and retired from the Naval Reserve with the rank of captain.



Shakia headshot (1)

Shakia Pennix, Generation Y Project (GenY) and Masters student at Georgia State University. In light of the upsurge of unarmed black people being killed by law enforcement, Shakia has been organized, led, and participated in direct actions against police militarization. She has traveled to Ferguson, Missouri to be in solidarity with the young organizers. She is working on her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice at Georgia State University and serves as Development Intern for the Georgia Law Center for the Homeless.




Senator Charleta Tavares (D-Columbus), Assistant Minority Leader and National WAND Education Fund Board Chair. Prior to serving Ohio’s 15th Senate District, Sen. served in the Columbus City Council and as a Representative Ohio General Assembly as the first African American woman to serve in the state legislature to hold a leadership position. She currently serves as Executive Director of Multiethnic Advocates for Cultural Competence.




maggiemartin2-1 (1)

Maggie Martin, Co-Director of IVAW. She served in the Army from 2001-2006 deploying 3 times. She holds an M.A. in Social Justice and has been working since 2007 with fellow IVAW members to oppose expanding US Militarism, to fight for the "Right to Heal", and to build a healing community for those impacted by war.



Juan Evans Headshot (1)

Juan Evans, Community Organizer for the Racial Justice Action Center’s two grassroots projects: Solutions Not Punishment (SNaP Co) and Women on the Rise. Women on the Rise is a formally Incarcerated women centered membership based group and SNaP Co is a Trans led and Trans centered coalition which fights for the rights of Trans folks. Both projects work to end mass criminalization and incarceration and for real justice in our communities.


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